What Are the Benefits of Med-Pay Coverage in Nevada?

person with paperwork at car accident scene

Med-Pay coverage in Nevada is a type of insurance that helps individuals pay for medical expenses resulting from an automobile accident. This coverage can help with costs related to doctor visits, hospital stays, rehabilitation, and other treatments.

The following addresses some of the most significant benefits of med-pay coverage:

  • You can collect on it even if you were at fault
  • It can be very affordable
  • Unlike health insurance, you don’t need to pay a deductible or co-pay to collect it
  • It can cover almost any type of accident!
  • It can cover your passengers and your family that lives with you
  • The policy limit isn’t divided up between you and your passengers – whatever your policy limit is, all covered parties can individually receive an amount of money up to that limit
  • There is no subrogation, meaning that you don’t have to pay the med-pay funds back when the at-fault insurance pays you
  • Your premiums won’t be raised or dropped when you collect your med-pay funds

Med-Pay coverage is often an optional addition to auto insurance policies in Nevada, so it's important to check with your insurer to see what is available and how much coverage you may be able to purchase. It can provide valuable financial protection should you ever find yourself in a situation where medical expenses from a car accident add up quickly.

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