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Family law deals with the legal problems and issues that can arise at any point throughout your life. Whether divorce, a child custody matter, or some other issue, these can be highly stressful, emotionally charged, and can significantly impact your future for years to come. Getting it right the first time as you deal with the legal process is essential to avoid future problems or disputes, especially when dealing with child-related matters. 

At Gary Huntsman Law, our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality legal representation that is founded on personalized attention and service. We are here to help you navigate any legal matter related to the family. Our Las Vegas family law attorney is backed by more than three decades of experience resolving divorce and family issues that have involved thousands of Nevadans throughout the area. 

Learn more about your case and options by requesting a free initial consultation with Attorney Gary Huntsman. Call (725) 777-4126 or contact Gary Huntsman Law online to speak with a team member today. Hablamos español. 

Customized Solutions to Your Family Law Issues

Every family law matter, whether it is a serious matter, such as a pending divorce or a post-divorce child custody dispute, or a simple name change, is based on unique circumstances, needs, and goals. We tailor our representation to your individualized case. We also strive to give you the best possible legal experience based on genuine care and support throughout all stages of the process. 

Any family law matter can become one of the most challenging and distressing times in life. The attorney you choose to represent you at this difficult juncture can be one of the most important decisions you ever make. 

At our firm, we work vigorously to help you secure effective solutions as quickly as possible. Our strategies are designed to protect your best interests and allow you to move forward in life with security. Get peace of mind knowing that you have a proven professional on your side to guide you through your divorce or other family law issue.

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"If you are questioning whether or not to give him a call do it you won’t regret it!"

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How We Can Help

We provide legal representation for the following:

  • Divorce. Whether your case is uncontested, highly contested, or highly complex due to high assets, a same-sex marriage, or other considerations, we are here to protect your rights and to provide workable solutions for the short and long term. 
  • Motions. We can prepare and present all legal motions to the court related to family law, such as motions related to custody, support, and other issues.
  • Child Support. This financial support is required by law when parents divorce or separate or in cases where paternity has been established for an unwed father. We can help you seek a fair and just payment outcome.
  • Child Custody. This can be one of the most contested issues in a divorce or a post-divorce situation. Our firm has resolved countless custody cases in and around Las Vegas.
  • Spousal Support. We can represent you in seeking or contesting this financial support during the divorce process. 
  • Modifications. Our firm can petition the court on your behalf should you need to modify current family court orders due to a substantial change in your circumstances. 
  • Enforcement. If your court order for child support, spousal support, or child custody has been breached, we can help you enforce such orders through court action.
  • Paternity. We can help unmarried mothers and fathers establish paternity as the first step toward obtaining child support or custody.
  • Name Changes. A name change for an adult or child must be established through the Family Court. We can handle all the required steps to help you accomplish this.
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements. Ensure your financial matters and property rights and responsibilities are outlined in a contractual agreement should your marriage end in divorce. 

do family lawyers go to court?

Family lawyers in Las Vegas, like their counterparts in other jurisdictions, can indeed find themselves representing clients in court. Their involvement in courtroom proceedings largely depends on the nature of the family law cases they handle. They may appear in court for various reasons, including divorce, child custody and visitation disputes, spousal support, child support, adoption, domestic violence, and property division. When negotiations and mediation fail to reach a resolution, these cases may proceed to trial, requiring family lawyers to advocate for their clients in front of a judge.

However, not all family law matters necessarily lead to court appearances. Skilled family lawyers often strive to resolve issues through alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation and mediation. These approaches can help avoid the stress, time, and costs associated with a court trial. In many instances, family lawyers work diligently to reach agreements between parties without the need for a courtroom battle. Their goal is to find solutions that are in the best interests of their clients and any children involved.

It's worth noting that the extent to which family lawyers in Las Vegas go to court can vary. Some lawyers may have more courtroom experience, while others may focus on settling cases outside of court. Ultimately, the path a family lawyer takes depends on their client's specific circumstances and the most appropriate strategy for achieving their legal goals.

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