Child Custody in Nevada

In Nevada, as in most states, the controlling doctrine is “the best interests of the children.” Obviously, people can and do vigorously disagree as to what may or not be in the children’s best interests. If the parties can’t agree, ultimately a court will hear evidence and decide for you what is best for the children.

If you want primary physical custody of your children, it is important to seek primary custody early on, because once custody has been determined, a change of that custody arrangement requires a much higher burden of proof–what is called “by clear and convincing evidence.”

Child custody almost always requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. A major mistake here could severely and irrevocably harm your child for the rest of their lives. Property and debts come and go, but you only get one chance to raise your children, and that chance doesn’t come again. Make sure it’s done right. Seek the guidance of an experienced child custody attorney.